Rare Arctinurus trilobite is from the Silurian Period.  It is found the Rochester Shale of Middleport New York. Here is your chance to own a fossil from a classic site. It is hard to obtain fossils from this private quarry.

This trilobite is 4 1/8 inch long and is very thick but that is not common for these trilobites. It has a small amount of pyrite on parts of the trilobite. But the  trilobite is spectacular show piece.
Prepared by the  Cooper Prep Lab in Kentucky which is a well known fossil lab. The Cooper Lab works on fossils for museums and private collectors.

This Rare Arctinurus trilobite from the famous Rochester Shale Silurian Deposits of New York. Though certain trilobites were common, these are very rare from this site.

This Rare Arctinurus is a great example of the trilobites that come from this well known site. The Arctinurus trilobite from this location exhibit outstanding detail and they are quite rare. Because they normally are preserved with a rich black color and a dark gray or gray rock they are sought after by collectors. Many from this site are also preserved with outstanding thick bodies so that makes these trilobites very showy but they are rare. It exhibits GREAT detail. These trilobites were preserved in what was once a warm shallow salt water sea prone to hurricanes. As hurricanes swept inland they brought sand and mud into the sea killing and covering the animals. the soft mud hardened and the long process of fossilization began. Due to the thin shell they are often broken when removed from the rock.

The trilobite 4 1/8 inches long to the tip of the tail spine and is 3 1/4 inches wide. It sits on a gray matrix 10 by 9 inches.

Arctinurus boltoni is a classic trilobite from a classic site.