Rare Triarthrus eatoni “Gold Bug” Trilobite


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To some nearly beyond rare this is a wonderful example of the TRIARTHRUS eatoni trilobites from New York State that exhibit SOFT TISSUE PRESERVATION. Extremely rare conditions allow for soft tissues fossilization but the unique preservation of these trilobites in pyrite (fools gold) give us an idea what the creatures actually looked like. The soft tissue legs and antenna are preserved in golden pyrite in this example as is the exoskeleton. The trilobite displays well but has slight damage to the thorax. The legs on the one side are clearly visible and the legs on the other tucked slightly under the trilobite.

Late Ordovician
Northern New York State

The trilobite is 1 1/2 cm long including the antennae. It is on a piece of grey shale matrix 9 cm long x 6 cm wide.

The specimen has a collection label on the back as well as two collection registration numbers. This one comes from PaleoJoe’s personal collection.