Rolled Eldredgeops trilobite


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Rolled Eldredgeops trilobite from the famous Silica shale of Northern Ohio.

Here is a great example of the fossils coming from this well known area. This trilobite show great detail in the eyes and bumps on the head sections.

Because they are normally preserved with a dark brown or black color on a dark gray rock they show very well. Many of the fossil trilobites have a thick shell and are preserved well they look very presentable. This Rolled Eldredgeops trilobite is a fine example of that.

This Rolled Eldredgeops trilobite is 3/4 of an inch wide.  The rock is an irregular gray rock 1 3/4 inches by 1 3/4. This area of New York was under water during the Devonian Period. A period that lasted 60 million years. But this is not the only place Eldredgeops may be found. They are also found in New York and Southern Michigan.

During this time sections of Ohio as well as other mid-western states were part of a large salt water tropical sea. Because of the storms that occurred then these fossils were quickly buried in mud and sand. Because these shallow salt water seas were full of animals when buried we see what life was in those tropical seas. In order to protect themselves from storms, the trilobites would often roll into balls on the bottom of the sea. This Rolled Eldredgeops trilobiteis an example of one such animal trying to protect itself.

A classic trilobite from a classic site. Unfortunately the quarries are closed to the public because of strict laws. Trilobites like this are found only in rock shows and rock shops. This one was collected many years ago and recently cleaned. It was prepared with air tools so the detail is amazing.

Eldredgeops rana
Silica Shale
Sylvania, Ohio