Small Caryocrinites Ornatus


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Here is your chance to own a classic fossil from a classic site. A Small Caryocrinites Ornatus Cystoid Theca.
Harder to obtain fossils from this private quarry in Middleport, New York

These are fossils that were collected decades ago and just recently prepared by our prep lab..
Here is a Super detailed fossil from a classic site in NY.

Fossils especially this Small Caryocrinites Ornatus Cystoid from this site are preserved in Spectacular detail. Because of the wide variety and number of these Cystoids it is also assumed they lived in dense communities,

This is an excellent example of a Small Caryocrintes Ornatus Cystoid from the Rochester Shale of Middleport, New York. Found in the Middleport quarry. This part of New York State was once the bottom of a shallow salt-water sea. Because it was a shallow sea. Because storms occasionally destroyed the ecosysyem and killed all the sea life, these fossils were able to form.

These Small Caryocrinites Ornatus Cystoids creatures grew on a small stalk and had small brachioles extending from the top of the cystoid. The brachioles are rarely found preserved.

The Small Caryocrintes Ornatus cystoid is highly ornamented and you can clearly see the magnificent detail of this Cystoid.

The Small Caryocrinites Cystoid measures .61 inches by .73 inches and comes in handsome this glass top display box