Small Fossil Leaf



This is a Small Leaf Fossil from deposits in Baker Montana.

This a fragile and small leaf that was discovered while performing an exploratory dig. It was found in Cretaceous deposits of the Hell Creek Formation.

The Affordable Small Fossil Leaf was found while  excavating a potential dinosaur site within the Badlands of Montana. Because the badlands have little vegetation, when it rains, the rains wash away sediment. A piece of bone was found while prospecting so the site was explored more fully.  As we began to dig the sediments, a layer of clay was discovered. Because clay is a wonderful sediment to preserve fossils this leaf was found with great detail. Because soft tissues rarely fossilize this leaf is quite important. But it is only an impression, the leaf has long since decayed away.

This Small Leaf Fossil is just an impression, so no leaf material remains because it decayed away. But these impressions are good and strong and even some of the veins can clearly be seen.

This deposit has been known for many years and fossils such as this fossil leaf can be found. Because they landed in a moist muddy area the definition and preservation is outstanding. These are actual fossils personally discovered and collected by us in July of 2023.