Spectacular Petrified Wood Slab


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My daughter calls these “COASTER SIZE” This beautiful slab of polished petrified wood is irregular yet circle shaped.  This is the item you will receive, beautiful neutral colors.

Early Triassic Period
(220 Million Years Ago)

This 220 million year old petrified wood has been sliced and polished allowing the inner detail and coloration to easily be seen.

Petrified wood is the name given to wood that has been turned into stone (fossilized) through the permineralization process. All of the organic matter becomes replaced by minerals, while much of the original structure such as tree rings is retained. For this to happen the wood needs to be buried in an environment both low in oxygen and with flowing, mineral-rich water. The coloration is due to the various minerals that are present during fossilization. For example red colors are due to iron compounds, greens due to copper, etc.