Spinosaurus Spitter Tooth


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Spinosaurus a fish eating Dinosaur.

This Spinosaurus Spitter Tooth is 1 7/8 long and comes is this handsome 3 x 4 inch 7/8 high glass topped collectors display case.

Spinosaurus was a  Dinosaur that we now believe were fish eaters. They lived near the ancient tropical seas. They were meat eaters and because of that fact they had teeth that were always being replaced. Because the teeth were replaced often the teeth are the most common find called spitter teeth. This Cretaceous Spinosaurus Spitter Tooth even has a slight wear pattern on the tip because it wore against another tooth.

The Cretaceous Spinosaurus Spitter Tooth came from a small dinosaur. They could grow to over 30 feet long and the teeth would get very large. This is a shed tooth, one that was broken during feeding but sometimes rooted teeth are found. A rooted tooth means the animal died and rotted away and the teeth fell out root and all.

The enamel is very strong and because it is so strong it does fossilize better than most bones. During the Cretaceous most of North Africa was either covered by water or was near the sea. Because it was a shallow sea near shore, teeth like this Cretaceous Spinosaurus Spitter Tooth can be found.