Stunning KETTNERASPIS williamsi




Here is a very fine spiny KETTNERASPIS williamsi from the famous Haragan Formation.

This trilobite is known for the exceptionally long thoracic and genal spines.
It is from the area around Black Cat Mountain worked and studied by Robert Carroll and pioneer in the research of the area. These trilobites rarely come on the market.

The caramel color of the trilobite contrasts nicely with the cream color matrix, this is classic for the trilobites of the area. The eyes of this specimen are exceptionally nice and inflated.
The body itself is 3/4 of an inch long though the overall length is 7/8 of an inch with spines.
It sits on a roughly rectangular matrix 3 inch by 3 1/4 inches.
IT IS MISSING a small section of the thoracic exoskeleton near the cephalon that was damaged during recovery and not repaired. This specimen has no repair or restoration.

Devonian Period
Haragan Formation
Black cat Mountain
Clarita Oklahoma