Super 5.25 Megalodon Tooth


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This is a Super 5.25 Megalodon Tooth.

This one has great enamel. Brown color root with tan enamel. It has wonderful serrations on each side of the tooth, there is a little enamel missing but still a great tooth.

This Super 5.25 Megalodon Tooth was recovered from the waters off the coast of North Carolina. The root of the tooth is is great shape Because these teeth wash up on the beach after major storms and hurricanes they can be damaged. But when recovered off shore they are in much better shape not being eroded by the punishing waves and sand abrasion of the beach. But they are still  not perfect. These can also be found in the rivers near the coast line of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

This Super 5.25 Megalodon Tooth has good enamel on it. The enamel is a hard substance that fossilizes well but over time will erode in the oceans. It s hard to find perfect Megalodon tetth but this one is very nice.

Megalodons were the terrors of the ancient seas. They lived in the Cretaceous Period but they have modern relatives. The Great white sharks are relatives but they are not the same species. Megalodon grew to be over 30 feet long and had huge teeth. The teeth were always being replaced but new ones and the old ones would fall out.

North Carolina