SUPER DETAILED Fungus Knat in Dominican Amber


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Here is a Beautiful piece of Amber with an exceptionally detailed Fungus Knat. The pictures do not do this piece justice. There are also other inclusions such as air bubbles and other material to include other insect or insect parts.

Amber is the fossilized remains of tree sap, generally conifer. When a branch is broken or the bark is compromised tree sap or resin begins to seep from the wound. The sap has a sweet smell that attracts insects. Often insects land on the sticky sap or walk across it and become trapped. As the sap continues to run they become entombed in the sap. Eventually it falls to the ground and begins it’s long transition to becoming Amber. Once found it must be polished, when found it sometimes looks like a rock, and expertise is required to know it is Amber.

Often, once polished there is nothing inside. But on occasion many insects can be found in one piece as well as flower or plant parts and even legs and wings of insects that “got away”.

The photograph is of the actual inclusion in the Amber and at times it is difficult to get a good focus through the Amber. Also there may be other inclusions not pictured. In the case of insect wings and legs, those are the ones that got away.

This Amber comes in this handsome 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch glass-topped, leatherette collectors case.

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