Super LYRIOCRINUS dactylus from the Silurian Rochester Shale




Here is your chance to own a classic fossil from a classic site.
HARDER and Harder to obtain fossils from this private quarry in Middleport, New York

Here is a Super Lyriocrinus dactylus from the Silurian Period, Rochester Shale, Middleport New York. This crinoid was collected from the South Wall that yield many specimen on the matrix blocks. This block also contains bryozoan material as well.

This calyx is complete and most of the arms and pinnules are also there. It is a great example of this type of crinoid.

During the Silurian Period much of the central part of the New York State
was a warm, shallow tropical sea. It was also during this period
Crinoids were abundant holding on to the fragile sea floor. Major storms such
as hurricanes ravaged the shallow seas and lagoons disturbing the fragile
ecosystem and destroying many creatures.  Many times the creature is broken
apart and pieces are scattered across the ocean floor. But in some cases as
mud, clay and sand washed into the lagoons, these creatures were buried intact
and the creatures exquisitely preserved. These fossils were prepared using
modern air abrasive technology to reveal the superior details of the creatures.

The matrix is 3 3/4 by 3 1/4 and the calyx is 2 inches by 2 1/2 wide.

Silurian Period
Rochester Shale
Middleport Quarry
Middleport, New York