Trimurus Body and Tail


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This is a Trimurus Body and Tail, from the Rochester Shale in a gray matrix. A rare trilobite from this location.

A Classic trilobite from the famous Rochester Shale Silurian Deposits of New York. These are becoming extremely rare from this site.

Trimurus Body and Tail. Unfortunately these Trilobites are becoming more rare because this quarry is beginning to play out. Because these were recently cleaned in our prep lab from a decades old stack of unprepared fossils from the Middleport Quarry we can offer them here. This species in particular is more rare than the Arctinurus.

Here is a great example of the trilobites coming from this classic and well known site. The Trimurus Body and Tail from this location exhibit outstanding detail. They normally are preserved with a rich black color on a dark gray or gray matrix. Many from this site are also preserved with outstanding inflated shells that make these trilobites very showy. The fossil exhibits GREAT detail.

The Trimurus Body and Tail is 3 3/8 inches long to the tip. It sits on an irregular gray matrix 6 1/2 by 6 inches.

These fossils were collected decades ago and just recently prepared by our prep lab.
Fossils from here are preserved in great detail. Because of the wide variety and number of these animals it is assumed they lived in dense communities.

During the Silurian Period much of New York State was a warm and shallow tropical sea. Because of it’s location near the equator it was prone to violent storms. These storms were the reason we have such beautifully preserved fossils. Because the storms would wash soft mud and sand into the shallow sea covering the animals so that they may be preserved.  But hey are found in a soft and very brittle gray shale several feet below the surface topsoil.