Two Species Blastoids


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Blastoids – Extinct Echinoderms related to modern day Starfish and Sea Urchins.

Price is for ONE box. Very nice pair of Two Species Blastoids from Sulphur, Indiana.

Blastoids are Echinoderms. They are related to modern day starfish, but these Two Species Blastoids and all others are now extinct. Blastoids attached to the bottom of the ocean by means of a holdfast. But these were not roots as the creature was an animal. It was a filter feeder using it’s arms to filter food from the water. Because it was a filter feeder it needed to live in an area that had a free flowing current and plankton to eat.

These fossils are distributed widely in the United States but sometimes are very difficult to find.

These Two Species Blastoids are PENTREMITES godoni and pyriformis
Mississippian Period
Salem Formation
Sulphur, Indiana

The Specimen you receive will be similar in size, shape and condition but we will choose the biggest and best one of the lot we have at that time to send to you.

Because these Two Species Blastoids fossils are brittle and tend to get damaged easily these specimens come in this handsome 3 inch by 4 inch glass topped collectors box.