Unerupted Woolly Rhino Tooth


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Rooted Unerupted Woolly Rhino Tooth found in Siberia. This tooth is from a grazing animal from the Pleistocene.

During the Pleistocene much of the Northern Hemisphere was covered by ice and snow. Because of that fact many animals living in the Tundra had long hair to protect them from the cold and elements. The animal is now extinct but it lived in Europe and Asia.

The Rooted Unerupted Woolly Rhino Tooth has earthen colors and shows great enamel.  The tooth is from the Pleistocene period so it is as little as 12,000 years old. Rhinos were grazing animals that ate the tough tundra grass so the teeth are quite large and sturdy. The pits at the top of the tooth are not cavities or broken teeth. They are natural.  This tooth is exceptional because it never erupted the jaw line. The tips and roots are perfect. And the outside of the tooth shows magnificent detail.

The Woolly Rhino was a very large animal with a single large horn. Because of this many have said it is possible legends of the unicorn came from this animal.

The Rooted Unerupted Woolly Rhino Tooth is 1 5/8 inches by 2 1/4  inches and comes on this wooden display.