Wonderful Penn Dixie GREENOPS trilobite and multi species block


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This is a wonderful GREENOPS trilobite from the famous quarry at Penn Dixie in Hamburg, New York.

Many ELDREDGEOPS come from this quarry but the GREENOPS are fairly rare. The exoskeleton is usually quite thin and often the tail spines break off. Often they are found without the tail section.

This specimen is nearly complete. It is MISSING part of the right genal spine which was lost during recovery. There is a small ELDREDGEOPS cephalon up against the left eye of the GREENOPS, I believe it could be removed should one wish to do so, I like it the way it is – as found.
The GREENOPS is desired for its long spines and eyes set high on the furrowed glabella.

This black trilobite is 1.11 inches long and .70 inches wide. It sits on an irregular piece of gray shale matrix 6 1/2 inches long by 5 inches wide.

On this multi species block there is a partial cephalopod, several ELDREDGEOPS cephala, several brachiopods, a crinoid stem piece, some negative impressions, some exoskeleton fragments and one inverted Eldredgeops cephalon on the right side of the matrix that could yet be prepped out.

A Classic trilobite from a classic location.

Devonian Period
Windom Shale
Penn Dixie Quarry
Hamburg, New York