PaleoJoe’s Fossil Shop

Welcome to PaleoJoe’s Fossil Shop. Most of the fossils we sell come directly from the United States. Many are personally collected by PaleoJoe and / or his Paleo partners.

We will be posting fossils that are excess to his personal collection or fossils he or his partners have obtained over time. The PaleoJoe Fossil Shop will start out slow and hope to gain momentum over time.

Check back often as inventory will change.

These fossils are found and legally obtained on PRIVATE PROPERTY or “Pay to Dig” sites around the United States.

We Guarantee the authenticity of the fossils we sell. We sometimes obtain fossil specimens from our trusted Paleo Partners. Being that fossils are in some cases millions of years old and must be dug from the ground or rock, fossils are sometimes repaired or restored. In many cases these fossils have been cleaned by professional means. Sometimes as brittle as they are, they have been broken and glued back together. In some cases restoration has been done replacing missing bone material. These restorations will be annotated in the description.

Remounting – In the case of some of the trilobites from Ohio, they have been cleaned by air abrasive technology and remounted to the matrix as they were found.

We offer a 14 day return policy should you not be satisfied with the products.

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