Registration PaleoJoe’s Beginner Family Fossil Digs 

If you, your family, or small group are interested in a Paleo Dig, you’ve come to the right place. Over the last ten years, PaleoJoe has led numerous fossil expeditions to fossil-rich areas around Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Western New York.

Finding Fossils is GUARANTEED!

The sites are extremely fossil-rich.
Trip consists of visits to several Alpena area sites. The sites have lots of fossils to discover.

Students will learn dig site etiquette, tools of the trade, dig site safety, how to find and identify fossils, proper digging techniques, history of the area where they will dig, and much more!

The deposits searched are Devonian in age. Primarily looking for ancient Marine Invertebrates. – Sorry, no dinosaurs or Mastodons. All fossils are Marine Invertebrates that are around 365 Million years old.

Weekend Digs during May, June, July, & August. Availability of weekday Digs varies.

Participants may keep ONLY up to 25 pounds of rock and fossils per person PER YEAR.


Registration for 2025 begins in March!


I choose Dates in March. I will then Email you a list of those dates to choose from.

Cost for the digs is $ 125.00 per carload. I am restricted by number of cars I can bring into the quarry.

Register at the link below.


One ticket EQUALS one carload of diggers.


Once registered you will receive an email from me with with general information AND A DIG REGISTRATION FORM WHICH MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED otherwise you will not be allowed access to the dig sites. THIS is important. Please complete the dig registration form I send you immediately to CONFIRM your spot.


Digs may vary due to permissions granted by property owners.


Alpena dig – We will visit two sites the second one is a little bit of a hiker approximately 1/4 mile into the quarry and then however much you wish to walk. We will traverse the quarry going to several locations within the quarry to find varied fauna that can be found in different locations and horizons. We will find corals, brachiopods, stromatopora, crinoid stems and hopefully everyone will find a rare tentaculites as well. Again this is a HIKER you will need to be aware. Children under 7 years old need to be within arms reach of adults.

In Alpena we will dig in the fossil rich Potter Farm Formation and then the Rockport Limestone in Rockport Quarry.




Please register for the dig online.
Once digs are full email me to be added to the waiting list.