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PaleoJoe is available for year-round Scout programs

“Scout Fossil Digs”

In conjunction with your scout campouts, wouldn’t it be great to let the scouts explore the wilds of Michigan and discover our ancient prehistoric pas?. Join PaleoJoe in Alpena, Michigan as he educates, explains and entertains the scouts with stories of the Paleozoic and then leads you into the field to discover and keep your own fossils.

NEW! “Digging in the Past”

Our new Diggin in the Past, program was developed for scouts or all ages. Our program is fun and informative. Scouts learn about the formation of fossils through hands-on activities. Find more information regarding this new program below. If you have questions, or if you would like to host the program, please contact us for more information.

Quality Informative Entertainment

PaleoJoe has presented fossil and dinosaur shows for scout Blue and Gold dinners across the State of Michigan. He brings his high energy program to your venue with casts of dinosaur skulls and bones. His show is sure to entertain the scouts but beware…..the adults will be enthralled as well.

New Featured Wolf Cub Scout Program
“Digging in the Past”

This elective adventure will help Wolf Scouts understand the formation of fossils.


  • Understanding that fossils are affected by the ground around them
  • Learning about different types of dinosaurs
  • Listening to instructions
  • Making a layered dessert
  • A Scout is thrifty. [Wolf Character Compass]

ADVENTURE REQUIREMENTS (Wolf Handbook, page 204)

  1. Play a game that demonstrates your knowledge of dinosaurs, such as a dinosaur match game.
  2. Create an imaginary dinosaur. Share with your den its name, what it eats, and where it lives.
  3. Make a fossil cast.
  4. Make a dinosaur dig.
  5. Make edible fossil layers. Explain how this snack is a good model for the formation of fossils.
  6. Be a paleontologist, and dig through the dinosaur digs made by your den. Show and explain the ways a paleontologist works carefully during a dig.

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