Virtual Programming
PaleoJoe Paleontologist, Children’s Book Author, Storyteller and yes, a real dinosaur digger brings his high energy programs to the VIRTUAL world. The programs will excite, entertain and educate about DINOSAURS and Paleontology.

For over 25 years PaleoJoe has provided programs to kids – of all ages across the country. His stories about dinosaur dig site adventures and the relationships between dinosaurs is told in a way that keeps kids – and adults on the edge of their seats.

* Dinosaur Tails and the Tales Dinosaur Tails can Tell
* Dinosaur Myths and Legends
* Dinosaur Day with PaleoJoe
* Fishing with a Hammer and Chisel – Michigan Armor Plated Fish
* Trilobite Treasures: Arthropods of the Ancient Seas
* Digging Dinosaurs
* Fossils of the Michigan Basin
* PaleoJoe Digs Long Neck Dinosaurs of Utah
* Fossil Fish of the Lost Lake Wyoming.
* Dinosaur CSI what we know of dinosaurs by the evidence in the ground —-Teen and Adult specific program.

Suited For: Family shows children, school age, teen and adult programs
Maximum Size: Whatever you allow
Minimum Size: No Minimum


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