Listen to PaleoJoe on WPHM 1380am Port Huron talking about the Dinosaur Prep Lab Exhibit.  Originally aired 2/26/16


PaleoJoe Interview Community Forum WETS Eastern Tennessee Public Radio with Jim Blalock


 PaleoJoe Interview WJR Radio AM 740 with Warren Pierce.  6/13/2015

Jurassic Park and PaleoJoe’s Utah Dig


Paleontology 101

PaleoJoe’s Monthly Radio Show on WGVU Radio

Grand Rapids, MI August 2008 – November 2011


Introduction to Fossils Aired 8/8/08

Fossils of Michigan Aired 9/12 /08

Trilobite Treasures Aired 10/10/08

Dinosaur Hunting Aired 11/12/08

Walking with Dinosaurs in Grand Rapids Aired 12/14 /08

The Ultimate Field Trip Aired 1/9/09 Content not available

PaleoJoe’s Camarasaurus Discovery Aired 2/13/09

Dinosaurs Invade Grand Rapids…Again Aired 3/3/09

Dinosaur C.S.I. Part I Aired 4/10/09

Dinosaur C.S.I. Part II Aired 5/8/09

Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Dig Part I Aired 6/12/09

Hanksville-Burpee Dinosaur Dig Part II Aired 7/12/09

About The Velociraptor Aired 8/14/09

Dinosaur Mummies Aired 9/11/09

Ice Age Mammals in Michigan Aired 10/13/09

Collect Fossils at Rogers City Fossil Park Aired 11/11/09

Collect Fossils at Rockport Quarry Alpena Aired 12/11/09

Michigan’s State Stone the Petoskey Stone Aired 1/8/010

Trilobites Invade Bay City Aired 2/12/10

March is Reading Month Aired 3/12/10

Preparing Fossils Part I Aired 4/9/10

Preparing Fossils and Dinosaur Bones Part II Aired 5/7/10

PaleoJoe on the Road Aired 6/11/10

Sauropods – Lumbering Longnecks Aired 7/9/10

Raptors Aired 8/13/10

Alpena’s New Fossil Park Aired 1/10/10

Summer Recap and Eurypterids Aired 10/8/10

Hadrosaurs – Duck Billed Dinosaurs Aired 11/12/10

Ceratopsians – New Discoveries Aired 12/10/10

A.B. Dow Museum Bigger than T-Rex Aired 1/14/11

Ornithomimids and Oviraptors Aired 2/11/11

Stegosaurids Aired 3/11/11

Fossils – An Intro Aired 4/8/11

Fossil Sites in Michigan Aired 5/13/11

PaleoJoe takes a summer break from the radio June, July and August

Recap of Summer Adventures Aired 9/9/11

Recap Continued Aired 10/7 /11 Content not available

Arthrodires – Devonian Fossil Fish of Michigan Aired 11/11/11

Fossils of The Michigan Basin Exhibit comes to Muskegon Aired 3/7/14

Dinosaur Prep Lab in Hastings Michigan Aired 3/28/14

PaleoJoe Radio Spots

Various PaleoJoe Radio Spots


Listen to PaleoJoe on All Things Considered Michigan Public Radio with Charity NebbeOriginally aired 7/5/07


Listen to PaleoJoe on Spectrum West Wisconsin Public Radio – Originally Aired 9/13/07


PaleoJoe on FoxBright Communications Inside Michigan Education – Originally Aired 11/12/07 Content no longer available


PaleoJoe on Michigan Talk Network Michigan Talk Radio with Gary Austin – Aired 8/4/08 Content no longer available


PaleoJoe on FoxBright Communications Inside Michigan Education – Originally aired 2/24/09 Content no longer available


Listen to PaleoJoe on MI Entertainment Radio Michigan Menagerie – Originally aired 3/24/10


Listen to PaleoJoe on Tawas Radio Fossils of the Michigan Basin Exhibit – Originally aired 8/2/11


Listen to PaleoJoe on Blogtalk Radio Fine Art of Paleontology – Originally aired 4/21/14 Hope you have some time – This one is 1 hour long