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Fossil of the Month September Knightia

Knightia is a species of fish found in the Green river Formation of Wyoming. The rock splits cleanly along bedding planes revealing the exquisitely preserved fish, usually NO cleaning required.

Fossil of the Month of May Hexagonaria, The Petoskey Stone

The Petoskey Stone is the State Stone of Michigan. But it is not a Petoskey until it is polished. In it's natural form it is actually a fossilized colonial coral called hexagonaria. There are several types of the Hex. Many are found along the shores of Lake Michigan...

Fossil of the Month March Gastropods

Gastropods commonly called Snails. This is a great example of a Silurian snail from the Rochester Shale formation. Gastropods belong to the phylum Mollusca. The class of fossil Gastropoda in my collection is comprised of snails from saltwater. I have not yet found any...

Fossil of the Month February Cystoid

Cystoids were animals that lived in the shallow salt water seas. This one is from the famous Rochester Shale of Middleport New York. It is Silurian in age. The Cystoid is made up of a "stem" using a "holdfast" to attach itself to a rock or bryozoan. At the top of the...

Fossil of the Month January Brachiopods

Brachiopods have a hard external shell that is comprised of two asymmetrical halves called valves. The pedicle valve generally has a hole in it where the pedical or a stalk like structure like a "foot" comes out. Each half of the brachiopod shell has a slightly...

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