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Yesterday I did some digging through old CD-Rom's and found a bunch of Hi-Res photo's of my trilobites. I will sprinkle them in my posts over the next several weeks.

Love the detail especially the tubercles on the exoskeleton. Just wish his tail was articulated.

Greenops widderensis
Devonian period
Widder Formation
Hungry Hollow
Arkona, Ontario, Canada
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Fossil of the Month January Brachiopods

Brachiopods have a hard external shell that is comprised of two asymmetrical halves called valves. The pedicle valve generally has a hole in it where the pedical or a stalk like structure like a "foot" comes out. Each half of the brachiopod shell has a slightly...

Fossil of the Month December Trilobite

Trilobites are an extinct form of Arthropod most closely related to modern horseshoe crabs. They lived from the Cambrian Period to the end of the Permian. They are divided vertically into 3 distinct "lobes" hence the name tri-lob-ite. They are the Central or axial...

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