Mazon Creek and Other Plant Fossils for sale

The Mazon Creek Lagerstatte is an area that has exceptional preservation of nearly an entire ecosystem. Lagerstatte literally means place of storage. The Mazon Creek, Francis Shale is a deposit of carboniferous sediment. This deposit contains the remains of many animals such as clams, shrimp, fish, crustaceans as well as plants like ferns, cycads, trees, and horsetails. These Mazon Creek plant fossils are found in siderite nodules that must be broken to reveal the fossils inside. It is a time-consuming process of soaking the nodules in water, then freezing them, thawing them, and letting them split on their own. If they do not split repeat the process. Smashing them with a hammer just destroys the fossil inside. The detail of these fossils can be outstanding. Our Mazon Creek plant Fossil nodules change frequently, so check back often for updated specimens for sale.

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