in-school field trip Assemblies

In School Field Trip Assemblies
PaleoJoe dresses the part of a “Digger” – he is a real digger – and introduces animals, plants, and creatures that have been extinct for millions of years. His high energy program brings life to these creatures of long ago.

A look into the world of fossil collecting and study. Describing how fossils are formed through to modern collecting techniques. Students will learn about geological forces that shaped our world and how they affected the development of life on Earth.

Stories will be told that will help the student imagine they are in the field working side by side with a real paleontologist as they make historic discoveries.

Program begins with how fossils are formed, what fossils are. Plate tectonics are discussed and described in ways that children will easily understand the dynamics of the earth and it’s formation. The fossilization process and types of fossils are discussed. Next he moves into the Ice Age with specimens that lived in the area 40,000 to 15,000 years ago. Finally he moves to Dinosaurs covering T-Rex and Velociraptor, the theory of Dinosaurs and Bird relationships. The students are provided info and then challenged to be detectives and try to figure out if T-Rex was a super predator or scavenger or opportunistic hunter.

Lots of casts will be showcased. Utah Raptor Foot, T-Rex tooth, T-Rex denary (small piece of a T-rex Jaw, Pachycephalosaurus skull, Velociraptor skull and much more.

Finally for students K-6 volunteers are called upon to help PaleoJoe with a Dinosaur Puppet program. Describing some of the types of dinosaurs, what they ate, their habits and habitat.

• PaleoJoe takes you on a trip back in time to learn about the victims and perpetrators, life and death of the prehistoric. Learn the techniques used in the investigation of how these creatures lived and died. See the evidence and discover the stories that are told through Dinosaur CSI.

• PaleoJoe recently returned from a Dinosaur dig to tell tales of Dinosaur Hunting in famous Morrison formation in Utah. Join PaleoJoe as he takes you on a trip back in time and brings you right into the present, searching for and finding these magnificent creatures of long ago.
PaleoJoe – Paleontologist, Author and Storyteller takes the students on a wild ride through the ancient world while describing and reinforcing reasons necessary to read as well as gives an insight into the mind of a writer. Reinforcing journal writing, language arts, reading – he describes his adventures that sometimes appear in his work.

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