7″ Floating Frame


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These are great. I have some of these in my own collection to show off fossils on all sides. There are times when you want to be able to see both sides of something because the back is as nice as the front.

This is our large 7″ Floating Frame. These frames are made of rigid plastic and they come with a notched base so they can stand up. Great for desktop display or for that one cabinet piece you want to display.

Because some fossils can be viewed from both sides, this 7″ Floating Frame is perfect. It allows 360 degree visibility. But it is not only for fossils. It can be used on many artifacts. It has a thin plastic membrane protects the item from dust and holds it securely. These can be used for dried flowers and other soft organic material the thin plastic will not damage the item. The floating frames come in a variety of sizes but we only carry 3 of the sizes. Check the other listings for more information about these items.

When it is important to protect your treasures and not store them away where you can’t see them. These 7″ Floating Frame are a great way to preserve and protect them and still enjoy them every day.