Edmontosaurus Bone Frag 3


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Genuine Dinosaur Bone Fragment

This is a section of a Cretaceous Genuine Edmontosaurus Bone Frag 3. This fragment came from a bone I was working on that was too badly damaged to repair.

The Cretaceous Genuine Edmontosaurus Bone Frag 3 comes from a bone collected legally on a ranch within the Badlands of South Dakota. Because the badlands have little vegetation, when it rains, the rains wash away sediment.  So when prospecting bone fragments as well as turtle shell, fish scales and other fossils are exposed. This fragment is a piece of Genuine Dinosaur Bone from the Cretaceous Period. There are many bone fragments found while prospecting. When the bone is exposed to the elements it begins to decay. Because this decay is rapid, a dinosaur bone may fall into dust in just a few years. This bone is also called float because it “floats” downhill revealing a possible dinosaur bone bed.

The Edmontosaurus Tibia this fragment came from was very badly damaged. Because of the damage I was not able to repair the bone and it literally fell apart upon removing the plaster jacket. I have placed bone fragments in these black leatherette collectors cases so that they can be sold to raise cash for future expeditions.