Ordovician Fossil Frame


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Ordovician fossils from around Cincinnati. The area of southern Ohio and Southern Indiana into Kentucky was once the bottom of  a shallow salt water sea teeming with life.

These are examples of those creatures. In this collectors case are 2 brachiopods and 2 bryozoans all denizens of those shallow seas. All were buried by a fine grained soft mud to begin their long process of fossilization.

The Ordovician Fossil Frame come in this handsome 4 x 5 inch glass-topped collectors case. The Ordovician Period was a time when ancient tropical seas covered Southern Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. And at that time the area was warm and sub-tropical. Life on land was just beginning to take hold but the seas were teeming with life. Animals such as these corals and brachiopods lived on the bottom and thrived.

Because of the tropical storms that ravaged the area, these animals were killed and buried. This Ordovician Fossil frame is but a snapshot of life during the Ordovician. The fossils are quite plentiful and are easily found in the beds of streams and rivers when water level is low. Certain areas of gray shale or clay are the most productive.

Brachiopods were animals like modern sea shells and corals were also an animal with tentacles and a hard shell. Both of these animals were filter feeders eating plankton and other food as it floated by. Because they ere hard shelled animals the preserved detail very well.