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Trilobites were a very diverse group of extinct marine arthropods that first appeared in the Cambrian period and went extinct during the Permian period. They were one of the most successful of the early animals on our planet, with over 25,000 described species. Trilobites left an excellent, well-preserved fossil record. We have dozens of species of trilobites for sale from the US and other countries.

We have many species available that are of exceptional quality. Most of our trilobite fossils come from Ordovician strata in New York and can be found near Rome, NY. Silurian from the Middleport area, and the Devonian from near Buffalo at Penn Dixie Fossil Park

Trilobites from Nevada are from the Cambrian Period. These bugs are some of the best preserved in the country and they are also some of the most spectacular. Many of the Trilobite from Nevada are Olenellids and have long distinctive spines. They can be found in various hard-to-reach areas that are mainly desert. The trilobites are generally more flat rather than inflated trilobites from other parts of the country. The Olenellids also have large semi-circular eyes.

Trilobites from Ohio are generally very well preserved. Locations near Cincinnati, Miamisburg and Caesar Creek produce enrolled trilobites with exceptional detail. The trilobites were preserved in a very soft sediment that appears to have been a storm deposit, hence the fact they are found enrolled for protection. Walking the creek beds one can find creatures from the Ordovician Period. The state fossil of Ohio is the Isotelus though they are quite rare and have very thin exoskeletons hence the rarity of the trilobite. Northern Ohio produces Devonian Trilobites, though the major quarries are now closed to the public.

Oklahoma Trilobites are ostensibly found in one area from only a few quarries. These trilobites are preserved in a rich golden calcite on a cream-colored matrix. The matrix is a hard limestone so the trilobites are harder to prepare but the result is spectacular. The trilobites look like they can walk right off the rock. There are several species that are quite rare and very spiney.

Our Trilobite fossils are high-quality specimens, prepped by top experts, and our selection changes frequently, so be sure to check back for new items for sale.

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