Affordable Diacalymene Trilobite


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Price is for ONE each of The Affordable Diacalymene Trilobite that comes from Africa.  These are found in nodules and require the rock to split to obtain the fossil.  Due to the breaking of the rock, frequently the trilobite will break are require minor reassembly.

We will choose the biggest and best one of the lot we have at that time to send to you.

This Affordable Diacalymene Trilobite is part of a bulk purchase we made recently. These fossils measure between 2 and  2 1/2 inches in length.

Trilobites such as this Affordable Diacalymene Trilobite are ancient salt water sea creatures but unfortunately they are all extinct. But they do have relatives today. Crabs, lobsters and pill bugs are their relatives. But the Horseshoe crab is the closest living relative to trilobites. They get their name because of the 3 sections they are divided into. The Head section, the tail section and the main body section.

Trilobites lived from the Cambrian Period to the end of the Permian Period. Because they were so common in the Cambrian, it was known as the “Age of Trilobites” This Affordable Diacalymene Trilobite lived during the Ordovician Period and is found only in Morocco.

Morocco is well known for these trilobites. When found they are locked in a nodule and must be broken to see what is inside. Because they are hard and a bit brittle they sometimes are broken and must be glued back together.

The example below is what a nodule looks like open, EXAMPLE NODULE IS NOT THE TRILOBITE YOU WILL GET, for education only.
Image result for diacalymene nodule