Fossils of Michigan




Great Beginners Fossil Sampler Collector Frame with 8 different ancient animals.

Eight fossils to start a child’s prehistoric collection.

These are wonderful animals presented in a beginners Fossils of Michigan Collector Frame. The frame is eye appealing but also protects the fossils inside. They include 3 brachiopods, 3 corals a crinoid and a bryozoan. We have many of these and the frame you will receive will have the same 8 fossils. But they will not all look alike as they are unique one of a kind.

The Sampler Collector Frame is a handsome leatherette case with a glass top. Because the fossils are a little fragile they sit on foam batting inside. The frame is 6 inches by 8 inches long and about 3/4 of an inch high.

This Collector Frame consists of real fossils. Because these fossils come from all around Michigan they are not easily available. So here is your chance to get a great starter collection.

Because Michigan was once the bottom of a shallow salt water tropical sea we can find fossils like these. All of these creatures lived in those shallow seas and were buried and preserved.

Fossils form mostly because of the hard parts of the animal. Soft tissues rare become fossils, but sometimes some soft tissues are found. The usual way fossils form is by mineral replacement. Water is usually involved in that process because the fossil has to be buried. It is buried in mineral rich sediments and then as the animal decays it is replaced by minerals that surround the animal.